Meeting Minutes

Startown Optimist Meeting Minutes 12/3/2018


Meeting was brought to order by Mr. Fickling

There was no new business and no old business.

Informational items include:

  1. Currently $2,200 in checking
    1. $971 power bill – that is being looked into
    2. Basketball uniforms are projected to be $1,386
  2. Basketball registration
    1. 77 kids
    2. A 4th/5th grade coach is needed
  3. Turkey Giveaway on 11/17/2018
    1. 15 turkeys given away
    2. Ms. Hutto at Startown Elementary helped identify Backpack Program recipients to give the remaining food to. – Help from Betsy Mantak
    3. Mrs. Fulbright added that she was unsure if the Saturday was worse than last year’s Wednesday before Thanksgiving or if less people needed food
    4. Mr. Fickling commented that 2017’s giveaway was great due to the kids actually giving the food away.
  4. By-Laws review
    1. No changes were proposed.
    2. Members were encouraged to look them over and bring any changes to the agenda.
  5. Two Board of Directors to replace:
    1. Travis Schmuker – has not participated in multiple consecutive meetings and as part of the by-laws will be replaced.
    2. Beau Fulbright – has been nominated and voted in as the Vice-President due to the resignation of Jason Rainey.
  6. Mr. Jason Norman made a suggestion of trying to do a community outreach program.
    1. Mr. Spleet commented that it was prudent to build the membership and increase the financial stability of the organization to provide bigger projects to the community.
  7. Mrs. Fulbright commented about getting together a Corporate Sponsorship packet.
    1. Mr. Spleet said he would look at the forms available to officers on the website and bring some to the next meeting.

Next meeting was set as a Christmas celebration: December 17, 2018 at 6:30 PM.