Coaches Corner


Startown Optimist is a 100% volunteer organization and the kids in our community simply would not have the opportunity to play these sports if it wasn't for people willing to volunteer their time!


ANYONE interested in being a Head Coach or Assistant Coach in any sport must first be vetted by our Director of Baseball Operations and/or the Board of Directors.

Once the vetting process is completed, IF a coaching opportunity is available, a general background check will need be completed.  This is done at the coaching candidates expense; the cost is $25 for 2 years.  Directions to complete the background check are listed under  "Background Check" at the top of the Home Page under the "Import News/Info" tab.

Also, every Coaching candidate must be either Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth Certified in order to Coach. Once certification is completed a copy of the Certification Certificate must be presented to the Secretary of Startown Optimist to be kept on file (to be eligle to coach).


Coaches Certification


Coaching Youth Baseball

 The Ripken Way for Babe Ruth Baseball

Coaches Certification

Coaching Youth Softball

 The Ripken Way for Babe Ruth Softball

Coaches Certification


  1. Click on Your Desired Coaching Certification Above (click on the Logo)
  2. Create a New Account if this is your first time...Just click on the "CREATE ACCOUNT" button
  3. Fill Out All Required Information
  4. Take Your Time with the Material.
  5. Take and Pass the Exam
  6. E-mail a Copy of Your Certification to (e-mail the .pdf file)


“I have only three rules: do what’s right, do everything to the very

best of your ability, and show people you care.”   - Lou Holtz